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Greetings from the staff at the Manulife Securities office in Bracebridge, servicing all the communities of Muskoka.  It was in 1994 that we first opened a Fortune Financial office in downtown Bracebridge. We were located in the basement at 35 Manitoba Street where Banks Brothers had their retail electronics store. At the time we had no idea how our presence would be received nor how to successfully market our services to the investing public.

We began by offering GIC clients the most competitive and attractive rates available. And, as our business grew, we were able to determine just what clients were looking for and widen our product offering range to meet their needs.

After a short time we were offered the chance to move up to street level when Banks Brothers closed. This move provided us with a much stronger physical presence and was the turning point for our growth. It was at that time we began providing investment advice and articles on a weekly basis, first through the Muskoka Times, and then through the Weekender where we have resided since. Now, four hundred or so articles later, we still haven’t run out of things to say in hopes of helping the residents of Muskoka with their investment decisions.

In 1997 we made the move to our current location in the Shier Building and shortly thereafter we were invited to join the Berkshire Group who have since become part of Manulife Securities.  Since then more advisors have joined our office creating one of Muskoka’s largest independent financial services office.

Needless to say, after almost two decades, we have seen our share of ups and downs. Inflation, deflation, wild interest rate swings,market rallies and meltdowns, business crime, terrorism and government corruption. Even some good news now and again. There is very little news in the world, both good and bad, that doesn’t affect our financial health one way or another.

Over the years I am pleased to report that we have grown consistently into what we feel is a very strong and prosperous business. We have successfully assembled a group of well qualified advisors to provide clients with quality investment services. The result is a specialized team that works together in providing investment advice and products to all of our clients.

As a full service investment firm we are able to advise and provide the widest range of products for virtually any investment need from GICs to Stocks, Bonds and Mutual funds as well as a variety of specialized services such as Individual Pension Plans, Insurance Products, Mortgage Referrals and Financial, Retirement and Estate advice.

From all of us at Manulife Securities we would like to thank the people of Muskoka for providing us with the opportunity to build a successful business. Not an easy task even in the best of times. Moving ahead we will continue to be guided by the needs of our clients in determining how best to advance our product and services development.


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